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Building Blocks

by Analog Dive

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After a 3 year hiatus of not putting anything out into the world, Building Blocks marks the first step towards a full length record set to release mid 2020. After putting my music on the back burner for years (at least to the public) I focused my time on re-fining my craft. I wanted to showcase how I improved over the years, and I felt that Building Blocks was the perfect opportunity to due so. This is not only the first song in where I fully produced the beat, the release gives me the opportunity to switch up my flow, cadence, and even sing.

Building Blocks is a song about building myself back up again. Especially after taking such a long break away from making my own music while still being a part of the music industry as a talent buyer. Fighting the doubts, watching the entertainment industry shift and shape (especially Hip-Hop), feeling like I'm too old for this young game, my image, criticism, while saying screw it, I'm doing this because I love it. I'm all in.


In a world with no friends you’d think it gets lonely/
If you let it, alone is can be your mind can be your soul mate/
it's where a mind can speak the loudest /
hold it up to a megaphone, indulge the announcements/
sometimes, alone can get crowded/
Poison, so hold it's head down and drown it/
careful with the flood gates up, thinking too much/
thoughts going nuts with a paint brush/
With bristles made of blades mistaking my brain/
for a page Thinking, I've mistaking the insane/
for something that that is sane scared to take a break/
but I think I need to get away/

It's hard to leave my thoughts at bay, hopefully they stay/
When they act like guard dogs on chains barking at the gate/
Especially when I’m one check from losing everything/
Put some poison in a glass and let life evaporate/
I don’t even know why I try to write these songs/
I’m getting older while this young game moves on
Anyways, rappers nowadays all sound the same/
I wanna quit and throw it all away until someone says/
I heard your song the other day and I loved it/
If you stoped making music, that would be some dumb shit/
Analog Dive has no friends, only family/
LA Got Aloha, I say it proudly/
Thanks for smiling at what I stand and not of laughing/
Still trying to figure if I'm any good at rapping/
Watch, One day heavens gonna fall in my lap/
And I'm gonna laugh, like, what the Hell is that/

First Chorus
I know it’s what you want but you ain’t….. got the love/
I know it’s that you want but you ain’t……. got the love/
You can’t hold it down mutha-fucker/
You can’t hold it down mutha-fucker/

Verse 2
Fuck everyone drop everything…. don’t you run away/
When life is acting like a bitch grab the puta by the reins/
Mi palabras son todos, la música mi sangre/
When the thoughts stick around more permanent than a sharpie/
Don’t give this shit away like a child you couldn’t raise/
Imma run the road I paved, Imma run it until the grave/
A strange field to pick, most my hero’s broke as fuck/
give a shit about fame, but it feels good to be loved/8
Imma bullet to the brain, I’m the heart of the brave/
Imma live off of rap and there’s nothing you can say/
Managers, Agents, pick at me like vultures/
media, touring, stay true to the culture/
That’s a lot to look up too that’s a lot to fuck up dude/
You better be relevant you better look hella young foo/
fuck it Imma look in the mirror and like what I see/
Don’t gotta worry about no Devil looking back at me/

Outro Chorus
It’s that that fake love it’s that fake sound/
It’s when you breakdown it’s when you fake smile/
All I’m trying to say is that I’m tired of people/
Let’s break it all down and then pick up the pieces/
You’re the only to run from, you’re the only one/
The only to running from, you’re the only one/
Don’t give a fuck if I make no money from it/
It’s simple, I do this shit cuz I love it/


released January 10, 2020
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered, produced, and turntable work by: Blake Borisoff at The Cabin in Los Angeles, CA

Photography by: Eddie Saucedo
Catalog: RisingSons Independent .026


all rights reserved



Analog Dive Los Angeles, California

Big Island, Hawai'i born and raise, adopted by Los Angeles. Every song has a story, when there’s no story, it’s just bars…

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