Bitter Winter

by Analog Dive



Broke for the Holidays? So was I, and that's what this track is about. Bitter Winter is the first track to be released off of what will be a compilation project featuring artists from RisingSons Independent. Bitter Winter will be available when the compilation is released. The RSI compilation release date will be announced on February 1st. Until then keep your eyes and ears open for RisingSons Independent, follow them on your favorite social media websites, and don't forget to check out there events OHANA TREE & LA GOT ALOHA.

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released January 8, 2013

Record Label: RisingSons Independent
Catalog: RisingSons Independent.0007
2013 All rights reserved, Blake A. Borisoff & Kelii L. Behasa
Executive Producers: Blake A. Borisoff & Kelii L. Behasa
All Beats Produced & Mixed By: Kelii L. Behasa @ His House, Kailua Kona HI (Using Fruity Loops)
All Lyrics written and rapped by: Blake A. Borisoff except where indicated
Mixed & Mastered by: Blake A. Borisoff @ RisingSons Indie Home Studios, Los Angeles CA (Using Logic Pro)

Photography By:
Eddieseven Archive



all rights reserved


Analog Dive Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Bitter Winter
Back for a little bit of love, back for the bitterness taste of your hate/
Hooray for the paint on the fake Holidays, and the corporate hands inside of your bank/
Hooray for anything that's fake from tits in Beverly Hills to the presidents face/
Handing out empty promises like rappers giving away their demo tapes/
take the candy home til your teeth rot Stay stupid stay brainwashed/
keep marching forward like robot or be different and do the moonwalk/
I'll get stupid to it to, don't listen to politics, or the news, I'll never know the truth/
while people are fighting for their rights in Europe I'll stay as ignorant as you/
So Smile at your paycheck starving to make rent/
Phone bills not paid yet, Thanksgiving you'll make it/
PTO is now vanquished Black Fridays amazing/
technology's crazy, next year it's outdated/

And I'm deep deep deep, I feel like my youth has been severed/
I let the work sink in, as a kid the cheer felt better /
now I look forward to time and a half warm sweaters and cold weather/
A bitter winter yet what I great excuse to bring us together/
The marketing's built for your kids, your child is the hook to that fishing line/
and with mommy and daddy the one's with the cash, the perfect catch for the business minds/
and while they all celebrate the birth of a man without a birth certificate/
the rest of us buy shit cuz they did, follow the path of a true consumerist/
and while your beautiful innocent kid is waving around that lengthy wish list/
with a smile drenched on their face all you can think is Santa's one whore of a business/
With a plastic tree in the living room and flashy paper to wrap gifts with/
The biggest loser of the year, you'll go fucking broke before Christmas/